• Research focus: the analysis and design of planar leaky-wave antennas, numerical techniques, ultra-wideband antennas, metamaterials and periodic structures, active and passive integrated circuits for microwave and millimeter-wave frequencies.

  • Additional interests include electromagnetic compatibility and signal integrity, radar systems, novel planar circuits using surface waves, and new methodologies for mutual coupling estimation and compensation in antennas.

  • Collaboration with International Colleges from Italy, Kuwait, and Morocco.

  • Symon is a Reviewer for the IEEE International Journal of Engineering Education, as well as the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques and the IEEE Antennas and Propagation Societies.

        Antennas            Planar Structures            Surface-Wave Launchers  

      Wireless Circuits



Electromagnetic  Surface-Wave  Engineering

Surface waves were always looked upon as an adverse effect causing undesired coupling, parasitic radiation and significant power losses in planar structures. However, by clever surface-wave engineering, new and efficient devices can be made for many practical applications - all driven by electromagnetic surface waves.

Beam Control using Surface-Wave Launchers

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Efficient Surface-Wave Source

        Non-Directive Surface-Wave Source